Exercise Tip: Quick Boost Of Energy

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When I am feeling tired and iced tea or caffeine just isn’t enough to give me a boost, I resort to doing a little physical exertion.  Get my heart pumping as quickly as possible, I don’t have a lot of time to spend and my day job keeps me sitting.  So I have gotten creative with some ways to get my blood pumping quickly and as a result I get a quick almost immediate energy boost within about five to ten minutes after I do it.

Jog up and down a flight of stairs, now I am much more fit than I used to be, so I would have to go up and down a single flight of stairs about 10 times or 15 times in order to get my blood pumping and heart racing fast enough.  So I added a new trick, I carry one 25 pound dumbbells in each hand firmly and then jog up and down a flight of stairs.  Voila, 5 times up and down a flight of stairs and my heart is pounding and my thighs are as if I had climbed 25 flights of steps.  If you are stronger and have more endurance just increase the weight of the dumbbells you carry.

This isn’t just cardio but is great for your thighs and legs as well, but if you have weak ankles or knee’s beware that the extra weight can put some strain.  Also I do this for a quick boost of energy not as a long term workout, but it does do a good job.  I had a boost of energy for about an hour or so.

Just one of my little tips to fit in a spot of exercise wherever you can.

-Justin Germino

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