Ate At Mimi’s Cafe Tonight

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I just got back an hour ago from eating at Mimi’s Cafe in Casa Grande, AZ over at the Promenade Mall.  I do like Mimi’s and eat there fairly regularly, at least 2x per month I would say.  Their bread basket has only the freshest tasting breads, and they have a very nice menu combining some traditional items with some more fusion and modern items.  I had the Hibachi salmon which had among the best flavor I could ask for, the only problem was 1/2 way through eating the Salmon the other part of my Salmon was almost completely raw and mushy to the fork touch.  I hope I don’t get sick, it isn’t treated salmon like sushi grade salmon is.

The flavor was great, the Sweet Ginger glaze does a great job, I would have had them remake the dish except I had eaten most of it already and was already almost full.  The cod fillet that my wife ordered was also very good, lemon flavored and tender, just a bit bland (which isn’t a bad thing).  The kids enjoyed the Pepperoni Pizzadilla’s that they ordered, kind of like a pizza rolled in a Quesadilla.

I would recommend Mimi’s Cafe, but when ordering the salmon ask that it is cooked well but not overcooked.

-Justin Germino

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