Everyone Should Vote

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Today is your right to participate in choosing the next leader of the United States and we need someone who can not only improve things at home but someone who can rebuild the United States image world wide.  The United States needs to stand up more for human rights world wide and become a nation that helps right inequalities and assist needy people and nation.  We can’t as a nation take on this role if we don’t fix the fundamentally broken systems we have in place at home.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like John McCain or Barack Obama, if you think all parties are evil, vote for the lesser of two evils because if you don’t then the person you like least may take office.  Vote in who you believe has the greatest chance of making a difference in the nation and remember that if people believe in something enough the mass conscious can help sway to make this happen.

I was myself somebody who always rooted for one candidate or another but never took action to vote.  This year was the first year in my adult life I took an active part in registering and voting in every primary, for every proposition and of course for the Primary Election.

Everyone Vote, Make your voice heard.  Regardless of who you choose, choose somebody.

-Justin Germino

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