Cruise stop at Georgetown Grand Caymans

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Probably my favorite port and town on the whole Royal Caribbean cruise out of Miami was the stop in Georgetown Grand Caymans.  The weather was perfect, the island just simply beautiful and the turtle farm we visited was great.  They breed and release so many green sea turtles which are huge and have almost 5’ diameter long bodies. 

We both decided that out of the various ports we visited, Grand Caymans or Haiti would be the two we probably may consider visiting directly in the future.  Heck, Grand Caymans is not looking at a likely place to retire and spend the rest of our days together.

Here are the photos from Georgetown, Grand Caymans:

The only ironic thing about the turtle farm is you get to see and hold the really cute turtles, only to find they serve turtle eggs and turtle fin steak and soup on the restaurant on the premises.   My wife found this barbaric but I thought it no different than the Ostrich farms in Arizona that sell Ostrich meat and jerky on the farm.  She would never eat a turtle and neither would I though, not because I am opposed to the meat or flavor, but because they are very cute and are endangered, even if they raise them in a controlled environment and only have a select amount used for food purposes.

-Justin Germino

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