Cleaning out Thousands of Broken Site Links

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The sheer amount of backlinks that can build up and end up being broken when you have a CMS system are staggering, and even with DragonBlogger which has the Disqus commenting system those comments get synced with WordPress and those comments have broken links that would show up if I ever disabled Disqus.


I hadn’t used the Broken Link Checker plugin for a while but I remembered that I was linking to a few blogs I know retired and were shut down years ago, so I did some manual link scraping from some posts when I realized I should use Broken Link Checker again and just start purging.  I only wish the plugin let you select more than 30 at a time to unlink or delete the source comment.

It took me an hour to get it down to the 578 broken links you see above, most are just comment links in the author name or comment from CommentLuv that were broken from years back and the older your blog is the more broken links it will have outbound.

In general I have been liking Disqus for commenting though the number of comments is much lower than using the default commenting system, there is less spam as a result.  I still liked some of the social media sharing features of Livefyre better like when you replied to them you can also reply to them on Twitter and Facebook letting them know you replied and for others to see.

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