Chrome 64 Bit Causing BSOD

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Well it would seem that my random Blue Screen of Death errors around Critical Failures were indeed caused by the Chrome 64bit web browser as after uninstalling and putting 32bit Chrome back my system has stabilized.  For days my computer had been rebooting randomly and I had done everything I could to figure out if it were a driver issue or power failure, one common element was that Chrome was open every time and left open overnight when I found my computer rebooted the next morning.

So I removed all Chrome extensions but that didn’t solve the trick, I don’t know why Chrome 64bit just started crashing my computer, but it was no big deal to go back to Chrome 32bit.

I also ran Memtest and other utilities to make sure there was no RAM issue in the 64 bit address space, but no other errors were found.



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Updated: November 23, 2014 — 10:51 am