Child Who Wants to Make a Difference

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This post is dedicated to my oldest son who is about to turn seven in three months.

My son is very conversational and talks about many topics and issues that would be found on the news and in world events.  We also speak to him about our lives, jobs, and he knows all about my blogging and why I do it as well.

My son often will tell me when he gets a little older we wants to start a website or blog and use it to raise food for charity and help children around the world.  He even said when I start my "Mason dot com" organization I will use it to help feed people and deliver meat and food to people who are hungry.

He wants to make a difference in this world, he hates pollution, littering, global warming and the oil spill.  He will be the first person to pick up trash in the street and throw it away properly and volunteers to put empty bottles in our recycle bin. 

As a computer enthusiast himself I find that he has a hard time "playing with toys" anymore, and at six years old he just wants to be playing Starcraft 2, Age of Empires III or other online RTS or Role Playing Games.  Games that are much more advanced than I would have been able to play when I was his age. 

I envision him joining Greenpeace or some other organization that donates their time to go abroad and help people or the environment.  He mentions that he wants to be in science / chemistry or medicines though he often thinks about robotics and being a doctor as well.

At six years old this boy has so much potential and his heart is so full of good, there isn’t an evil or mean bone in his body.  His only faults are laziness and lack of patience (particularly with his three year old brother) which are very normal for his age.

For the rest of my life no matter what I accomplish and manage to achieve, I already know that my sons will be my greatest accomplishments. 

-Justin Germino

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