Cheese Prevents Cancers?

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It was interesting watching doctor Oz last week where they showcased how certain types of cheeses, most notably Gouda, Jarlsberg, and other types of aged cheeses have quantities of vitamin K2 which can help reduce the risk of cancers and even of heart disease which is contrary to the normal information you hear about reducing dairy which tends to have fat, as a way to be more heart healthy.

I do believe that moderation is key to many food items, but there are exceptions of course.  Not to pick on Twinkies for this example but this is a type of food that one could probably do without and would benefit from not having even if it were only in moderation.  Alcohol for example is beneficial in moderation but cross the line and consume too much on a regular basis and it can lead to a world of health problems.

Selenium continues to show its value and Brazil nuts which are among the highest natural sources of selenium are among the healthiest types of nuts you can eat.  They also have a very hard shell and are a pain to crack so I buy them shelled when I can find them sold this way but it isn’t very often.

I did like one of the quotes used by Dr. Oz on the show and that was genetics are the loaded gun but environmental factors are the trigger for a wide variety of health issues.  Taking better accountability for what we put in our bodies and for making time to exercise and keep fit are imperative not only for longer life but for maintaining health through the older years.

-Justin Germino

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