Cartoon Network Level Up Conqueror of All Worlds

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So my kids were so excited to see the Cartoon Network movie premiere of Level Up last week that we DVR’d it and they watched it about 5 times already.  Not only that but my 8 year old son got into the Conqueror of All Words game big time after seeing the show.

Level Up (Cartoon Network)

The game is kind of like a kid friendlier version of Diablo with hack and slash elements, upgradable items and centers around you plus two other characters exploring, killing and looting.


It is completely free and my son loved playing it and reached Level 18 with his character until he logged in one day to find all his characters had been deleted by what would appear to be a glitch.  I told him that web based games, brand new ones were less reliable but that didn’t make him lose a little bit of interest and he doesn’t want to vest time if his character will just get lost again.

Meanwhile, he also wished the game had a teamspeak kind of aspect and let you actually pair up with other live players like they do in the Cartoon Network movie, but what can you expect from a web based game on a TV Channel website.  Now my son wants to get back into Runes of Magic and at some point he is going to want to do audio chatting while gaming, but he is only 8 and I have rules about how much online interaction he can have with people until he is older.

Meanwhile, the game was pretty fun for the 8 – 13 year old crowd and is worth checking out if your kids like Action RPG type games.

-Justin Germino

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