Blogging or Starcraft?

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Due to the fact that I was travelling for vacation and then work at the end of August and early September, I realized I hadn’t logged into Starcraft 2 since August 18th.  I was dismayed that I had this great game waiting for me to finish it and yet I had forgotten about it.

Like making a date with an old friend, I curled up on the ergonomic computer chair last night and decided to load the game and dive right back into the world of James Raynor and his struggle vs. the Queen of Blades.  The level I was on was extremely difficult for me, even in normal mode and pitted me against the Protoss where I had to retrieve an artifact while the planet was being burned away by a sun about to go supernova.

You race against the clock with this wall of fire following your armies while you try to stay ahead and destroy well defended protoss.  I tried twice and spent two hours only to end both times in failures.

So after playing the game for two hours in these epic battles, I made no progress in the game at all and went to bed wondering if I should have spent that time blogging instead?

-Justin Germino

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