Are Other Bloggers Allies or Competition?

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You see the term “competition” being thrown around in many industries where companies or entrepreneurs are competing for the same customer base or in a blogger’s case reader base.

There is however something to be said about writing that doesn’t apply to many other companies and fields where you have a fixed service that is purchased and sold.  In blogging your customers are readers for the most part and the same readers can be fans and customers of many blog sites.  As for most readers there is no cost involved only time spent reading there is much more a likely chance that you can still find a good reason to friend other bloggers even in your same niche and form relationships that mutually benefit both sites.

Sure, two technology blogs may be competition but there is no possibility they will cover all the same tech articles all the time and there is room for additional sources of information.  There is the ability that you can partner and still find mutual benefits without directly considering each other off limit competition.

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B000MLDGVM” alt=”U-2 Spy Plane (In Air) Art Poster Print – 16×20″ src=”” align=”left” width=”250″]Even if you consider other blogs in your niche competition there are things to learn whether it is what is being done better, or mistakes that you aren’t making to maybe getting idea’s on how to improve your own form.  Even if you like being a lone wolf and avoid socializing with other bloggers you still should never go out of your way to write or publish anything negative about another site or blog to try and elevate yours in a readers eye.  This only looks unprofessional and further points readers to your competitor.

I don’t consider bloggers my competition no matter the field, I consider them all fisherman launching boats in the same ocean.  There is plenty of crab to catch, and no quota limits.  If some struggle and need tips or help to catch more crab, I am sure to give some advice where I can.  May the best men win their share.

-Justin Germino

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