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I recently wrote a guest article on about Optimizing SEO for SERP which laid out some of the best SEO tips I have garnered from the Internet and blogging over the past two years.

In this article I focus on ways to sculpt your website or blog articles to capitalize on SEO and all of the methods and tweaks that you should follow to help ensure the best SERP listing possible for your targeted keywords.  I didn’t focus on anything external like building backlinks, article submissions, Social Media…etc because It is all about focusing on the content and optimizing the content first.

Speaking of optimizing content, a few months ago I purchase Dave Doolin’s eBook "Blog Post Engineering" and I have to tell you that I have never seen a single book more dedicated to writing a single blog post.  This is one of the few eBooks I highly recommend and think is so valuable that I thought it worth sharing with my readers.  Even after blogging for two years I found a fountain of information and inspiration from reading Blog Post Engineering.


I particularly liked his table of context and how he explained the eBook worked and what each colored link meant.  He has a great chapter break out and this is one of the most professional eBooks I have ever read and I think looks and is far better than my own eBook I am working.  Because of this I have decided to focus on promoting David Doolin’s eBook instead of producing my own eBook and will use my eBook as a pure free giveaway instead.  I can’t create a better eBook myself and this is the eBook I am standing behind.

David is so confident you will like his eBook that he promises a complete and total refund if you are not satisfied within 90 days of purchasing the eBook.  Most wouldn’t even bother to offer a refund but to extend one to 90 days from purchase is uncanny.

So go ahead and purchase Blog Post Engineering and tell David Doolin that I sent you, let me know if you find the eBook as beneficial as I did.

If you are an experienced blogger, new blogger or someone who is thinking about starting a blog then I highly recommend you purchase this eBook. If I had this eBook two years ago when I first started blogging I would be shaved off at least a 6 month learning curve and be further along than I am now with my own blogging endeavors.

-Justin Germino

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