Billy Mays Found Dead This Weekend

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billy mays

I was surprised when I heard that the TV Pitchman Billy Mays was found dead this weekend on CNN, I had been watching commercials for the Discovery Channel Show Pitchman and he was very recognizable in the As Seen On TV product industry. In reading more of the details about what may be the cause it turns out that Billy Mays was on a US Airways flight the day before that blew a tire during a landing which caused Billy Mays to hit his head as a result of the bumpy landing.

People don’t know if this incident could be something similar to what happened with Natasha Richardson, where a head injury from a skiing accident turned out to be fatal. An autopsy was ordered to determine the cause of death, it is just coincidence that Billy Mays was the same age as Michael Jackson and the both passed away within the same week.

As one of my twitter followers replied me on twitter “Oxi Clean will never be the same”, and its true, there are a handful of products that I don’t think would have ever been as successful had his strong and charismatic sales presentation vouch for it. The industry loses a talented salesmen and I wish his family the best in these troubled times.

-Justin Germino

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