A Blogging Storm This Weekend

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As I struggle to make sure I have at least one new blog post each day on my three primary blogs, I find that this is taking about an hour per day to maintain this level of content production. To help keep pace I spent several hours staying awake on Saturday night doing nothing but writing blog posts, I was able to create seven quality blog posts within an hour and queued most of them for my Dragon Blogger blog. Three of them were movie reviews which I staggered out a week apart, since I don’t want too many movie reviews day after day on my technology heavy blog.

The main difficulty of a blogger is

A) You have to find time to write quality content and enough of it so your blog has many indexed pages

but, you also have to try to find time to

B) promote and spread your blog across the web

This is done by commenting on other blogs, submitting your posts to various submission services, building links, keyword advertising, posting in forums, spreading information on your social networks…etc.

The problem is if you write quality content alone, but you don’t spend anytime marketing it is akin to creating a great product that people would want to buy, but never purchasing a TV commercial to advertise your product or putting in large stores like Walmart to sell and display it.

Bloggers must remember to put some time into promoting and networking in order to eventually build web presence and increase their indexes in the various search engines. Creating content alone is not enough to expand your blog anymore when you are competing with millions of other blogs.

-Justin Germino

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