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I hadn’t taken a typing speed test in a while and was looking to see if my typing speed was still as sharp and fast as it used to be.  Now I can do anywhere from 90 – 105 WPM depending on the type of test, the more numbers, special characters and such thrown into the test can seriously reduce my typing speed as I use a Logitech DiNovo Laptop keyboard (which is a fantastic scissor keys keyboard) but is slightly smaller and has key placement that occasionally throws me off.


One site that I like is TypingTest.com and my latest test which was done about 11:00pm put me at 80WPM which is a bit slower than I was when I last tested a year ago.  I find as I near thirty three years of age that my fingers just don’t seem to be as fast as they were five to ten years ago, but this could be my imagination as well.

Still, with all the typing I do for blogging (I figure I write about  15,000 words per month minimum for my three blogs) this doesn’t count the dozens of emails I write per day and typing I do for my day job I would have been at the same typing speed.

I will retest during the day and see if I can improve my speed again.  I do the same type of testing with speed reading to make sure I can still read and comprehend quickly.

-Justin Germino

For those who are looking for a new keyboard, I received one of these as a gift over a year ago and it is the best keyboard I have ever typed on in the past twenty years of using a computer.  The tactile keys of the keyboard are superb and they keyboard is small, wireless and completely portable.  I couldn’t recommend a keyboard more than the Logitech DiNovo Notebook Keyboard.

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