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Heading back to Arizona today after spending time in California, it is about a 5.5 hour drive and expect to arrive in afternoon sometime.  I have a very busy week and needed the rest before hand.  I do wish there were a way to make the trip a little shorter either by teleporter, bullet train or allowing the speed limit to be 120mph on the Interstate sometimes.

Meanwhile, I pick the Winner for the Video Game Giveaway sometime tonight when I get back and I know the readers are all excited to find out who won.  I had such a success with the video game giveaway that I intend to do one every month now on so will be kicking off the next one on March 1st.

Finding that some of my blogging time at night has been going to the addicting Star Wars: The Old Republic which I am finding quite enjoyable lately.  This is one MMO game that is worth the money if you want to adventure in the Star Wars universe and help the Republic battle the evil Sith Imperials.  It is also kid friendly enough that my 8 year old and 5 year old boys sit with me and watch me play for an hour before bed at night as kind of like a ritual which helps me get an extra game hour in.

-Justin Germino

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