First Amazon EU Affiliate Check Came – 2 Years in the Making

This post contains affiliate links.

I have been a global Amazon affiliate for about two years which means I own affiliate accounts in global Amazon stores not just but,…etc basically all of them that I could register for and though it takes a lot of time to setup and you benefit from using services that take advantage of Global Amazon stores you can gain extra income from your Amazon affiliate if you globalize your product links instead of only relying on the U.S. affiliate linking.

So after 2 years my payment came from and it was for $50.40 pounds.  Now though I say it took 2 years, actually most of the earnings were gained since using the tool since January 2016 and I had more earnings in the six months using that tool than the 18 months using manual link building methods or even EasyAzon plugin for WordPress.

The reason why is most of my views and clicks are coming from my YouTube videos now, not from my blog and with the EasyAzon plugin you are limited to only globalizing WordPress hosted products and links.  So I needed a service to create globalized affiliate links in YouTube, Social Media and more.

Two services I used, GeniusLink and Prourls and both have their pros and cons, but Prourls is the one I use most often because it has the least cost involved. GeniusLink is expensive and at $10 per month it really can drain your earnings before you have a chance to collect them in my opinion so is a better option if your site is already making over $80-$100+ in Affiliate earnings because you don’t want 10%+ of your earnings going to having to pay for GeniusLink.

ProURLS focuses on the Amazon stores and has search for product functionality built into the engine but it lacks iTunes affiliate integration which GeniusLink can also do if you affiliate iTunes apps, music and games as well.    With ProURLs I was able to show with absolute proof how my non-US Amazon affiliate earnings dramatically increased clicks and purchases, and I have income growing in quite a few of my global Amazon affiliate stores.  I won’t say it is a lot of income, we are talking about $10-$20 per month average but this is still money that would just not exist and it can only keep growing.  There is an inconvenient fact that when collecting payments from global Amazon affiliate stores you have to get a paper check in the mail, there is no direct deposit or PayPal option and I often forget to check my global affiliate stores to see how they are earning.

But hey, it’s a start and it is another way to make passive income when running a technology blog online.  I still recommend EasyAzon if you do most of your linking in your blog as it automates the process but Prourls is fairly simple and recommended as well.

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