Always Curious About Growing Fruit Trees

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I have a Dwarf Lemon Tree in the yard for over 2 years and it hasn’t yielded any viable fruit yet, I have 2 fig tree’s which my wife turned into fig jam but these took over a year before they bloomed. I would love to try out some genetically engineered fruit tree’s to see how they fare, but I am worried the harsh summer’s of Arizona would kill just about anything I purchase. One type tree that does pretty well out here are the Pomegranate trees. We can see them over people’s yards, did you know there is a Pomegranate bug that can be fairly large, like an inch or two in length with a long mosquito like tube that it uses to pierce the pomegranate skin. They are very common here in Arizona, and my son likes to catch them and put them in their bug tanks.

Citrus grows out here but can be very dry and thick skinned oranges with little pulp and too much skin are common without proper irrigation, what I really want to try are those hybrid trees that grow 4 or 5 different fruits on a single tree. I just don’t know how well they would do here, but I do love the idea of growing my own fruit. We had spent nearly a thousand dollars on tree’s when we first bought this house only to have many of them die during the first winter. When you buy hardy summer plants, they can’t survive freezing temperatures, so we have the worst extremes in Casa Grande, where it can get below 32 degrees in the winter and over 117 in the Summer.

-Justin Germino

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