Efforts for Relocating to a New State

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It was only a few short years ago that my wife and I were seriously considering moving from Arizona to California where the weather would be a calmer moderate temperature all year round and we would not only escape the scorching summer heat but the 40 degree lows in the winter as well which my wife doesn’t like either.

At the time we had looked at several California moving services to see what level of effort and cost it would take to transport a fairly large house with over a decade of collected belongings from one state to another.

We realized that there were just some items that didn’t make sense to transport, as we would have gotten a smaller house in California than we owned in Arizona we couldn’t have fit the same number of furnishings.  Despite that we could find professional movers to transport one of our most prized items which was our Pool table, this was an item that we decided to sell on Craigslist instead of transporting to California with us. 

It was a fine pool table and we only did get about 30% of what we paid for it, the worst part is that we wound up not moving to California at all and now still have a giant vacant spot in our front room where our pool table used to be (though my sons drum set fills some of that spot).

So one thing to consider before you are ready to hire San Diego movers or movers for any other state is what you really want to move and if you really are going to move.  Don’t sell anything off until the move is definite and don’t get stuck moving something that you would end up just selling upon arrival if you can help it.

In our mistake we sold off a few items prior to moving that we would probably have never sold if we knew the move would have been cancelled.

-Justin Germino

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