Age of Minorities

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I usually don’t write too many political posts but recently with all the political news and further division by our major (only) political parties I can’t help but point out to a recent article which showcases that between the years 2000 – 2010 the % of Caucasian children has dropped 9.8% while blacks have dropped 2.3% according to the 2010 Census Bureau.  This while Hispanic children rose 46% and the number of Asian children rose 31.2% during the same time period.

In 23 states, minorities make up more than 40% of the population and whites will likely become the minority much sooner than the estimated 2042 which was originally projected by the Census Bureau.  The decisions politicians have now will be remembered by this generation and this will play a major factor in the shape of the government and policies in two decades as these children become voting age.

For any who are still stuck with an ignorant mindset akin to white racist supremacy or have bias to another race for any reason they should wake up and realize the time of America being a “white nation” is virtually ended.  Those who hold onto this fantasy are delusional and if there ever was a time to embrace our nation as being truly multiracial it is time now.  Personally I hate that non-whites are still called minorities and this term won’t be able to be used for long.

The greatest strength of this new generation is that they are more tolerant of the varying nationalities than current generations.  My sons who are four and seven don’t see race at all, they only see kids their age and there is such diversity in their own classes and schools that they don’t even know there was a thing as “mostly white kids” at one point.

America will eventually become a population of Gray Tabby cats, where most of the population will have some ancestry from multiple races.  The racial divide will disappear but unfortunately the wealth/poverty divide will probably only further worsen too in the future.

-Justin Germino

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