Zicam Products May Have Side Effects

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FDA announced that people should stay away from using Zicam or other products that have “Zinc” as a primary ingredient for intranasal allergy or cold relief, the zinc has been shown to cause anosmia which is the loss of your sense of smell.  This tends to be a long lasting and can be permanent, and highlights the many ways that alternative treatments and remedies are starting to show side effects after they have already had widespread usage in the market.

Now, I am not against alternative therapies and let’s face it, how many prescription drugs have been on the market for years only to have a class action lawsuit and be pulled from having harmful side effects that only show up after thousands of people have taken the product and had ill effects from it.  Just remember that herbs, homeopathic treatments, all of these natural therapis have risks associated with them, just because they are touted as natural doesn’ t mean they are risk free.

So stay away from using any product containing Zinc inside your nasal passages just to be on the safe side.

-Justin Germino

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