YouTube Channel for My Son

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After months of showing interest my 9 year old son got the YouTube Channel bug where he wanted to record his video game play and practice doing tutorials, video’s and game play recordings on his own YouTube Channel.  Now Google doesn’t allow any channels for people under 13 so I basically created another channel in my name but he creates all the content for it and I publish it under my name.

His channel is and he has been using Overwolf to record his Minecraft and Guild Wars 2 gameplay while getting more comfortable with doing voice work and learning, experimenting while he goes.  I think it will help provide many skillsets not the least of which is getting more comfortable with speaking on camera, providing instructions, training and the skills involved with doing recording.

I even created him an intro for his video’s after he saw a cool intro on another kids YouTube Channel and wanted something similar.

Stop by and see how he does with his gaming video’s and say hi.

-Justin Germino

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