Ya’Sou Ezine Shuts Down

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When Joanne Olivieri contacted me and offered for me to take over the poetry and creative writing typepad blog called “Ya’Sou Ezine” I was honored but had to decline as I am too busy managing a full time job and already have my hands in 11 blogs already. I had become a guest author and frequent contributor to Ya’Sou Ezine, and I was sorry to hear that the blog has been shut down. Like many people, bloggers are looking to earn income and make money to live. When you can’t bring in enough income or you need to find another source of income, your blogging which is mostly your hobby unless you are making enough income to live off of it will suffer and be put off.

I have known at least six bloggers who have retired their blogs in the past twelve months, most have jumped out of blogging to spend more time with the family while others jumped ship because they needed to find a more stable way to make a 2nd income and couldn’t spend any more time experimenting and waiting with no results from blogging.

Blogging is a very tough business, with more than 19 million blogs online this is one of the most competitive online markets right now and will only continue to get more competitive which will make it harder each year to grow. The earliest blogs from five or six years ago often already have a strong claim and thousands of indexed pages to keep them at the top, but even they are subject to being usurped if the do not continue to churn out fresh content on a regular basis.

Good luck bloggers, it is a jungle out there.

-Justin Germino

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