Worth Eating at The Burger Bar

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Had probably one of the best burgers ever after eating at The Burger Bar at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas a few days ago.  I had only had buffalo burgers a few times, and had to try it again.  The lean buffalo meat can taste fantastic and provide a great alternative to beef.


So on this buffalo burger I had grilled Portobello mushrooms, guacamole and smoked gouda cheese. It was fantastic, and the sweet potato fries and pickles were a great side as well.  I didn’t have to use any ketchup or other sauces the meat and toppings just blended well together on the whole wheat bun.

Somebody asked me how much healthier buffalo is than beef, I didn’t really know the exact specifics for his Food Questions but I have heard that it is leaner and lower in fat.  Like Ostrich meat is also a healthier alternative to beef.  Though sweet potato fries have slightly more vitamins and minerals than regular French Fries I imagine they aren’t much healthier for you as fried is fried.

If you have any food or drink related questions there is a good food question forum called Exposix by the way http://www.exposix.com/questions/dir/Food-and-Drink.html where you can ask and get answers to a variety of food and drink questions.  Though I found that you can’t search in a specific category only and the search bar covers all categories which can make it harder to narrow what you may be searching for. 

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