Know Your Work Options

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De-MotivationFor those who are suffering in the struggle between work and family, there are many work options available that you can consider or request from your employer. The stress and frustration of not having sufficient time for the family can be debilitating and can even present many health problems.

And if quitting your job is not viable in terms of the need for an income stream for the family, then perhaps a change in structure of how work is performed may be the answer you need.


This refers to not having a fixed schedule of coming to work. When your job is results based, you may request for this change as long as deadlines are met. You need not come in

Monday to Friday or from nine to five which is an advantage especially when you need to be doing something else for your children on certain work days to say attend a school concert or go with them on their field trips. You can then exchange a weekend for a weekday and vice versa depending on your personal needs for time.

Inform your employer that this will let them keep a skilled employer like you longer instead of you having to quit your job and them experiencing the hardship of finding an equally competent employee.

Job Sharing

Working part time can be a solution as well to give you ample time for your personal dealings with your family and at home. You can share a position with another person and schedule yourself on days and time that suits you. This gives you the flexibility you need to address other responsibilities beyond the workplace and thus provides you with a better sense of balance.

However be keen of the changes this may entail on your benefits as your company may split them as well. Discuss this with the person you are sharing the job with and ask if one of you can fore go certain benefits say like medical insurance if one of you can be under a spouse’s plan anyway.

Self Employment

If you are keen on working independently with having no boss to tell you what time to come in for work, then this can be for you. Having your own business lets you control your own day and time although the starting stage may be a bit overwhelming and eat up more time than you expect.

You may need to work long hours with no steady income flow. You need to therefore plan carefully on how you want to work this out without too much stress and more possibility of success.


Similar to being self-employed, you can opt to work as a contractor for some companies, working at home. This is a popular trend nowadays and so you must take steps to avoid being scammed. Find companies that are trustworthy and reliable in their payment schemes to assure that you are working for something.

You may also request this from your current boss especially if the nature of your work need not require you to be present at the office anyway. Many companies are beginning to realize the relevance of this set up as obviously getting the job done is oftentimes prior to just showing up at the office.

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Updated: January 16, 2013 — 6:49 am