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I am an active participant on BlogNetAwards website, which is a great site for bloggers to vote, comment and find other blogs that are truly of very high quality.  All voting and entries are added and tallied, and a random drawing is done every month to determine the top 10 prize winners, with cash prizes for the first three winners.

I won first place and a cool $150 CAD is coming my way via paypal for commenting and voting on the site, this is my 5th win in the last 7 months on BlogNetAwards, and my 4th win that actually earned some money.  So overall I have actually won if you add it all up about $400 CAD from BlogNetAwards from September 2008 through April 2009 so far and that isn’t too bad just for voting and leaving comments.

I encourage everyone who is a blogger and a paypal account to register and start voting and commenting, you can start by voting for my poetry blog Wanderer Thoughts and earn your entry for April’s drawing.

-Justin Germino

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