Will I Need A New Desktop Computer for StarCraft 2?

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With Starcraft 2 coming out soon, I wonder if I will need to start looking at new desktop computers. Mine still has an older Geforce 7800GT with 256MB of RAM, and I have 3GB of memory on my Dual Core Athlon X-64 cpu. I just am not sure if this is powerful enough for the peak gaming performance I seek when I start delving back into Starcraft.

I remember when Starcraft was released in 1995, I took a whole week of vacation from work to stay home and play the game every day until I beat the campaigns with Terran, Zerg and Protoss. I spent endless nights creating custom modules and playing in the dozens of creative mini games spawned from the campaign editor. I truly hope Starcraft 2 can live up to the greatest memories that I have of Starcraft and Brood Wars.

It was one of the best RTS games of its day, with original unbelievable story and along with Warcraft put Blizzard on the map to become the gaming giants they are today.

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is one of the best RTS Games I have ever played and well worth the money, I encourage my visitors to read my review of Starcraft 2 to see more in depth analysis of the game.


Will StarCraft 2 Play On an Old PC?

The simple answer is yes, Blizzard designed the game to scale down to older machines with ancient video cards, cpu’s and lower amounts of memory.  I installed Starcraft II Wings of Liberty on my old Athlon Dual Core PC with GeForce 7800GT and it works fine at 1920×1440 resolution with medium detail. I installed on my sons Inspiron laptop and it works pretty well there too with 64 bit Windows 7 and 4gb of RAM but it uses shared video ram, not a dedicated video card and plays just fine.

You may have to reduce the shadows, and switch unit profile pics to 2d instead of 3d, but the game will play and it will be a great experience even on older PC systems.  Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was worth every penny I paid for it, the single player campaign alone is full of rich content, cut sequences and works as a stand alone game if you never even perform a multiplayer match.

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