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So for the first time I checked out Wii Sports Resort with the Wii Motion Plus and I have to say the controller is more responsive and sensitive to motion in such a way that it is clearly noticeable.  The fencing game in particular is fun on Wii Sports Resort and my sons and I took turns battling openings and gaining rank, you can really work up a sweat if you fence aggressively too (but this could be because I am not in the best shape too).


The Wii Motion Plus is a small white box that installs in the bottom of your Wiimote and you can plug your nunchuck into the bottom of this box.  I found out that Nintendo includes the extra chips into the main Wiimote if you purchase it that way, and this is really good because the extra box has to be removed when playing games that have you hold the Wiimote like a classic controller, when holding the Wiimote horizontally the extra Motion Plus always has to be removed or it feels kind of awkward.  Example you can’t really leave the Wii Motion Plus plugged in while playing Kirby Epic Yarn for example.

a Wiimote with Wii Motion Plus is actually only about $37.99 on Amazon.com which is the same price as a new Wiimote without motion plus built in.  Still if you have existing Wii Motes, it is only about $18 to add Wii Motion Plus device to attach to existing controller to extend functionality.

The Wiimote with Motion Plus is called a Wii Remote Plus by the way if you wanted to know what the combined functionality controller is called. The only problem when playing a game that requires Wii Motion Plus is that you need to make sure you have the extra Motion Plus capability for all remotes if you want to play multiplayer as you can’t play those games on multiplayer if your primary Wiimote is Motion Plus and your other Wiimotes don’t have it.

-Justin Germino

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