Why is it Important for Marketers to Understand How Consumers Spend Using Their Smart Phones?

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For years, we were forced to sit back and hear how mobile would be the next big thing in marketing. Well, mobile has finally arrived, and while calling it the next big thing may be a stretch at this point, its significance can’t be understated. In this article, we will explain why it is so important to understand how consumers are using their smart phones to shop. 

Mobile E-commerce is the Rise

While very few consumers are using their smart phones to make actual purchases, numerous signs point to that changing in the near future. Merchants are increasingly creating mobile versions of their sites to cater to the fast growing crowd of mobile users. Consequently, this has resulted in a growing number of mobile payment services that connect the consumer to the merchant. One of the most interesting is Google Wallet. An innovative offering being perfected behind the scenes by the internet giant, Google Wallet aims to allow consumers to make purchases directly from their smart phones, essentially transforming those devices into universal wallets. With concepts such as this in the works, it could only be a matter of time before mobile shopping is as common as shopping online.

Smart Phones Already Essential in the Buying Process

Although the purchase represents the conversion the average marketer is after, it is not the only action indicative of how consumers shop with their smart phones. A recent study jointly conducted by Google and independent research company Ipsos OTX showed that people use their devices to aid in the buying process in a variety of ways. According to the findings, 48% of consumers users their smart phones to seek out coupons and discounts, 44% use them to find reviews and information regarding a product, and 34% use them to browse the inventory a retailer has in stock. This survey not only shows that smart phones are already critical in the buying process, it also reveals statistical data that could be extremely helpful to a marketer. 

Knowledge That Benefits Your Other Marketing Efforts

Chances are, you already have your hands full with one or more marketing channels. If so, taking the time to understand how smart phone usage weighs into the spending process is even more important. For instance, knowing that your audience members are using their devices to search for deals that will save them money could be incentive for you to put together a couple of email offers they can redeem upon visiting your store both on and offline. It is knowledge like this that could benefit your overall marketing efforts when used wisely.

Your Competition is Hesitant

Despite all the hype that surrounds the mobile channel, there are still quite a few marketers who are avoiding it. Some are intimidated by the mere thought while others still don’t see the value in trying something they feel is unproven. This is good news for you as some of your competitors are likely a part of the hesitant bunch. It is best to learn all you can about mobile marketing now because soon, the competition could be much more fierce than you’d prefer.

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Nan King, a tech geek and environmentalist at heart, is an advocate of business email marketing strategies that encompass the use of a permission based email marketing company.

Updated: July 22, 2011 — 1:42 pm