Why Does Life Have To Be So Hard?

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Life should not be as complicated as it is for the majority of us, especially if you know the basic most important things that you want in life and you have no confusion about what it is you want.  Those who work hard at achieving what they want don’t always clearly see that it is a two sided street and that in order to get what you want, you have to accomodate what somebody else wants.

I try to learn more about life every day, every interaction with every being, every conversation, I really do try and grow myself as a person.  I have identifed about a half dozen extremely self defeating traits and I work very hard to try and patch up these personality flaws and weaknesses.

True discovery of oneself comes from within, and when you know your weaknesses and admit to them.  You are at least admitting you are human and have flaws.  Trying to fix them is another story altogether.

Some people are able to isolate and fix their own weaknesses and draw out their own strengths, others require psychiatric treatment or therapy.  Others find that if they associate those who have traits they wish to possess, eventually you will pick up those traits.  I do believe that people adapt to others and take on some personality of everyone they interact with.

Know that whenever you find yourself wishing you can change something about yourself, or you wish you werent a certain way, or did a certain thing.  Know that you are not alone, millions of others feel the same way.  Reach out and talk to someone who understands without judging, whether it be a family member, trusted friend or a professional.

We all walk this difficult road called life, I am starting to believe the more friends you have along the way the less difficult the path has to be.

Just some insight to my way of thinking for today.

-Justin Germino

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