When to use God or god in a sentence

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Learning how to use god in a sentence was important to figure out which spelling of god to use for a spelling test. 

So my son had a spelling test two weeks ago and while studying for his words he had to spell “God” and god” I realized that I didn’t know how to convey to him a sentence where he would know whether or not to use the word with a capital G or a lowercase g.  I had to look it up in the dictionary myself to learn that when you reference any of the Greek gods or any god other than the Christian and Judaism “True God” you have to reference god with a lowercase g.

God with an uppercase G is reserved when you are referring only to the supposedly “one” god that is the father that Christians and Jews believe in. You aren’t supposed to use the word GOD with a capital G any other time unless you are referencing the one god and it is improper to use a capital G when using the plural like gods since this obviously wouldn’t refer to the Christian god specifically.

This made it easier to explain to my son and I was then able to tell him to spell god as in “Zeus is a god” and he knew to use lower case g.  This was some bit of knowledge I had not known before and filed away in my brain in case I needed it for some future trivia.

-Justin Germino

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