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I decided to do some reading and research and post some information and facts about our new president from his life, one’s life experiences help create and forge the character one becomes.  Obama’s unique experiences and dealing with many “modern age” issues as a child going through them puts him in touch with people better than some of the presidents from traditional family establishments.  Personally, I hope Obama ushers in a new age of what future leaders of this country will be, every president should have vision and future and be quite in touch with reality and what is going on in society.  Too often presidents have lived cultured, groomed lives and have been raised to be out of touch with the middle class and poor.  Not to say that some people of extraordinary vision, talent and ability shouldn’t be able to take office, but they must at least be able to understand and know what the majority of the country lives through.

Some facts about Obama growing up:

  • Barack’s parents met in 1960 and married in 1961, they separated when Obama was 2 years old and divorced in 1964.  Barack Obama Sr. who was born in Nyanza Province in Kenya, only saw his son once more since the divorce before dying in a vehicle accident in 1982.
  • Obama’s mother married an Indonesian student after her divorce and during 1967 when Indonesia recalled all students studying aboard both she and Barack moved with Lolo Soetoro back to Indonesia where Barack continued to study in local schools there until he was 10 years old.
  • Obama returned to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii from 10 years old until graduating high school, his mother returned to Hawaii for 5 years in 1972, but moved back to Indonesia until 1994 when she moved back to Hawaii.  She died of ovarian cancer in 1995.
  • Obama admits that during his teenage years he has done marijuana, cocaine and alcohol to deal with life stress and questions at the time.  He declared later on that turning to drugs was one of his greatest moral failures in his early years.
  • Obama met many of his paternal family for the first time when visiting Kenya in 1988.

These life experiences make him unique and give him a very honest point of view of what it is like to grow up in non-traditional family architecture, he is not one who has hid any of his wrongs from his past (at least so far it appears that way).  I can only hope that Obama stays true to his word and becomes a president that shows clarity and vision and leads the country toward a better future.  Particularly by aiding the middle class and lower class who need a way to benefit from the system and not be left behind or broken in the process.

-Justin Germino

-Sources from most of this information was found on wikipedia

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