Weekend in Action

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Had a fun weekend with the boys where Sunday we had a daddy-son day as my wife went shopping all day leaving the boys home with me.  Of course that included hours of Minecraft,  seeing G.I. Joe Retaliation and diving back into Star Craft 2 The Heart of the Swarm. Overall was a fun Sunday, and finished off some DVR’d shows at night when the kids went to bed.


Meanwhile, my Google Nexus 7 giveaway launched to a huge reception garnering over 6,600+ entries in the first 24 hours which is nearly 2x as many as any previous giveaway.  Three awesome sponsors including Blog Engage the network for bloggers, Hardcore Droid, and Enstine’s Make Money blogging blog joined the giveaway and their funding will be directed toward advertising as well as help front some of the prize cost. 

I didn’t get enough to sponsor the whole prize, but I got enough to sponsor just about half of it with some advertising promotion, this was still excellent as several previous giveaways were all out of pocket. 

Finally the new theme and Synthesis web hosting on DragonBlogger so far is rock solid, the pageload times are better than ever and my site hasn’t buckled a single time during the peaks and visits that come from various writers logging in simultaneously.  I would seriously recommend websynthesis.com if you need a solid and stable WordPress VPS hosting and you have outgrown your shared hosting or are getting frequent downtime, 500 errors and other issues.


I noticed that Synthesis appears to have an affiliate marketing as Chris Brogan and others link to ShareASale with websynthesis but I searched on ShareASale and don’t see them listed in the marketplace, wonder if they are invite only network.  I would be totally comfortable endorsing them enough to affiliate sell their hosting plans.

Updated: April 8, 2013 — 6:38 am