Walmart Laptops The Best Deal?

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Now that Walmart sells laptops you may be tempted to assume that Walmart has the best prices in Laptops, but you would be wrong. I was shopping in Walmart the other day and though they have laptops with AMD Sempron processors for just under $400 dollars, you can find laptops $299 or less on and other computer manufacturer sites directly. The deal is even better if you can find a coupon for a discount which is found in almost every single Sunday paper (especially for Dell).

If you are looking to buy a laptop or desktop for the family, there is no better time than getting a really cheap computer or laptop as a second or third home computer. If all you need it for is surfing the web, Office, and variety of basic applications than you will find a sub $400 laptop should do just fine, especially if it is a learning computer for younger kids. You can always upgrade later when your child gets older.

Walmart has good prices on laptops, but they they are by no means the cheapest and you can find better quality laptops for cheaper prices by shopping at the manufacturers directly or by doing some digging online.

-Justin Germino

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