Vacation Nears its End

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I actually wrote this post before I went on the trip trying to imagine how I am gonna feel on the day before I return from Cabo.  Here is probably how I am feeling at this very moment, knowing that today is my last day on the beach and staying at the Cabo Azul resort.  I will be peaceful, rested, 50% chance I am sunburned and just starting to think about the 1000 emails that will be waiting for me tomorrow when I arrive back in Arizona.  Seriously I average about 200 work emails per day on average, and a five day vacation really means a thousand work emails including another 100 related to blogging at home.

This thought now makes me wonder if I should return at all, or maybe just retire early….

Seriously though, I hate coming back from vacations and having to spend the last weekend days just catching up so that I don’t hit work on Monday morning and waste the entire day trying to play catchup.  This means I will probably work about 5 hours on Sunday to catch up on everything.  I am pretty sure I had a good time though, I will post pictures of my trip in the next few days.  I wonder if my Twitter followers missed my Random Twitter Poetry game?

-Justin Germino

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