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I am finding good value in leveraging JustRetweet for sharing key articles on Twitter lately.  The service which you join and earn credits by sharing other’s articles (or buying them) let’s you create specific tweets that you want others to share and pay them credits to share.

So with JustRetweet you create a tweet that you want others to share, you then set a value of how much you will pay others (in credits) to share that Tweet and the maximum budget you allocate to that message.


You can also set the minimum number of followers a user must have in order to share your message, this prevents you from losing credits to Twitter accounts with such small networks they provide little value.  I usually use 100 members as a good rule of thumb, when JustRetweet has a much larger user base I may increase this some.

Now, JustRetweet does get me traffic I can honestly tell you I have confirmed at least 2 sales of the WordPress Formidable Pro plugin as a direct result of JustRetweet shares.  This was $22.20 in earnings from not paying anything just building a message for others to share and I am barely tapping the system to it’s potential.

We are all looking at getting a little extra promotion for some of our top articles, contests and maybe some affiliate links.  JustRetweet is an ideal way to tap into some extra traffic and attention for your top articles.


I found it so valuable I put money into the system to buy credits and earned my money back within just a few weeks.

My recommendation for pricing your messages:

75+ credits if you want everyone in the system to notice it and promote it (as long as it is a good quality message or landing page)

50+ credits if you want a lot of people to take it and promote it.

25+ credits if you want a larger audience share but spaces out about 2-3 shares per day average from what I see

10+ credits if you want an occasional share.

Have you tried JustRetweet yet?  I like it better than the former service I was using.

-Justin Germino

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