Typical CEO Salary and How You Compare

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I was reading this article from the Casa Grande Dispatch, reprinted from Associated Press about the average pay for a CEO of a publicly traded company equates to 9.6 million dollars per year in cash/stock options combined.

When compared against the average U.S. salary of $39,300 last year, it would take 244 years of working at this average salary to reach a single year earnings for the average CEO of a publicly traded company.

You can’t help but read that earnings difference and want to buck the trend somehow right?  I mean, who will honestly say they want to slave away at a cubicle for 30 years to make 1/100th as much as a single year salary?

The American Dream is to find your own way and carve your own path, entrepreneurialism is really the only way to cut past the system unless you work in an abnormal position and field where salaries and earnings are drastically higher.  High End Corporate Lawyer, Private Doctor, Hollywood Actor…etc.

I was reading in a similar article how within 10 years few people will be able to support themselves on single or even dual household incomes and nearly every working American will have to have supplemental income on top of a "regular 9-5 job" in order to make ends meet.  This would mean everyone needs a side income, a 2nd part time job or other efforts to bring in the bacon as they say.

Well in this respect, I am ahead of the curve with having my online entrepreneurial efforts but I am not counting on them overtaking my primary day job as a source of income ever likely, more like supplemental to help pay the bills and provide some fun money.

Speaking of jobs, there was yet another related article talking about the jobs that aren’t able to be outsourced and will always exist.

These include:

  • Nurses
  • Manicurists
  • Cosmetologists
  • Specialized Physicians
  • Veterinarians and Vet Assistance

Pretty much any major job where you have to be working with customers or patients in person and that can’t be done over the phone or remotely will likely remain a non-outsourcing position.

-Justin Germino

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