Twitter Addiction Setting In

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In the last two months I almost can’t live without my tweetdeck being open and active on my home computer while I work during the day, I have come to enjoy creating daily twitter poems based on random words people feed me on twitter.  I create one unique poem per weekday and it usually is based off of 9 – 13 random words provided by my twitter followers.  I also am growing rapidly in the number of followers this is in part due to the Entrecard network promoting EC users to also join up on twitter.

I continue to experiment with a new plug-in for wordpress called Twitme, which not only updates twitter each time you publish a new blog post, but you can also see your followers, directly write tweets, view your direct inbox and sent outbox all from your wordpress dashboard.  I will post a whole detailed post about it on after I play with the plug-in for about 24 hours or so and see how it works.

Twitter has actually introduced me to some local people in Arizona a few of which came out to our Rock Show back in November, I have also developed a cadre of regulars who play my twitter game daily and enjoy providing me fuel (words) for my poems.  It is an outstanding social network in its real time ability to instantly talk to people and engage in two way conversations in real time, often you can talk about the latest CNN news stories, or even local news in your city or state.

In the meantime I welcome anyone to connect with me and chat with me on twitter, my handle is @dragonblogger.

-Justin Germino

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