Truth and Lies about Blogging for Money

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A very good article over at Money Dummy Blog run by John Paul Aguiar about Blogging Income Lies and Truths talks about lies or myths told and spread online about making an income blogging and what you must do, or must not do to be able to succeed.  The article does a good job answering a new person’s questions who may be thinking about starting a blog or want’s to know more of what they must do or get an idea of what they must do to make their blog successful.

Truth is, most of the big time bloggers are not successful because they have some magical advice that the smaller time bloggers don’t have.  They are successful because they were pioneers and were the first, like any industry the first ones to make a mark are often the most successful and it very difficult and becomes increasingly more so to stand out against others who already dominate the same niche/market.

You can create another site and join the 17+ million blogs online all competing for attention, readership and trying to make some money for their authors.  Some do it for the fun of it, some for experience, most do it to make a few bucks to pay bills and fewer still have the grand dreams of being able to blog for a living and make enough to fully sustain themselves. 

I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years now and have much more experience and wisdom in what it takes to reach online markets but I can tell you that reaching a huge success online is no more easy than an iPhone game developer trying to create the next Angry Birds.  The competition is fierce and you need to not only bring an authentic and original message to the table, but you have to also spend the time to spread your message.  It only takes a good idea to go viral, something that fills a gap that exists and people didn’t know it existed. 

Quick success that bypasses the years of hard work comes to those lucky enough to create a product or service that people feel they must have, this is something that the ultra successful affiliates know.  They find the products that people don’t know they need yet and they market them first, others with some programming or writing ability will create the first eBook, Tutorials, Video’s, plugins…etc to promote and convince people that they need this product. 

The truth about blogging for income is that you have to actually have a purpose, a shotgun approach without any purpose will lead to months of frustration and flopping.  However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because you will gain experience and it may help you find focus and channel your efforts to something tangible and something you can profit from.

I disagree with the mentality to go into blogging thinking you are going to make $100,000 in your first year, or you will be able to retire and live off of your blogging income.  The truth is, you start blogging because you have an idea and you enjoy doing it and want to do it for free.  Only if you can sell yourself on committing to doing something for free, will you be able to endure enough to make it profitable.

I think anyone can start a blog, but should you?  The answer depends on whether it is something you truly love to do and you can enjoy doing it even if it doesn’t meet your expectations as far as monetary earnings or readership growth.  If you are to make blogging your job, then you need to be committed to it like a job.  Just because you can stop and start anytime or work your own hours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in that razor sharp focus and dedication that you would to any job.  It is your business, you are vested in it like any entrepreneur vests in a brick and mortar business.  Your odds of success are even less than a brick and mortar business, but this comes with the much lower start up costs too.

The truth about blogging is, it isn’t as easy as you think it is.  Some people have talent, some people have experience and luck plays a bigger factor than people are willing to truthfully say. 

-Justin Germino

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