Trying out Triberr for Real

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Okay, so I have been on Triberr for quite a long time, but due to some glitch in how I signed up I originally joined as a member of a super group and was removed from that group.  This means I was an orphaned Triberr account and just created 3 of my own Triberr groups.

  • Better Blogging
  • Tech News
  • Video Game Reviews

I attempted to see if others wanted to join the tribes and help build out social networks, I was more than willing to let my 11.6k followers help carry smaller social media profiles for their interest in helping test out the system but unfortunately I didn’t get many takers.  I also wasn’t able to invite other Triberr members because at the time inbreeding was not allowed (you could only belong to 1 Tribe at the time).  Well inbreeding was added and I paid to unlock 2 of my tribes for inbreeding, I invited some of my fellow trusted bloggers who I knew were already on Triberr and am putting the system to a test.

Triberr in theory allows you to build a tribe of like bloggers where you all cross promote/tweet each others articles and help benefit by spreading the amount of audience your articles can reach.  It is meant to be mutually beneficial to all those in the same tribe, and obviously if you have a large following you can skew and provide more benefit to users with a smaller following but this isn’t always the case if people have dedicated fan bases.  I wanted to put it to the test and see if it would improve my referral rate from Twitter.

Kim Castleberry probably did the best video introduction to Triberr I have ever seen, it is 26 minutes long and explains everything.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”343″][/youtube]

If you are interested in testing out Triberr with me, let me know and I will invite you to one of my tribes.  Your blog needs to be either “blogging/seo/social media” to fit in the Better Blogging, and tech/gadget related for the Tech News tribe.  If you are a video game blogger, I would love to have you in my video game reviews tribe.

-Justin Germino

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