Trailer for League of Legends Demonblade Tryndamere

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I have to admit that this was a cool game trailer to an update for League of Legends. I found the game to be incredibly difficult and faction based, my son originally started playing and I joined him in a game but found it to be a frantic nearly endless battle. I run to help others fight, die, respawn, repeat over and over for 45 minutes a gaming session. I wish there were a little more story and a little less constant battling over and over but it was fast paced and furious. I am just not ideal at multiplayer tactical combat games even if they are RTS style (except you have 1 unit only with the ability to customize with equipment/potions).

Still, the game was fun even though I am not good at it and it is popular. Here is the trailer for League of Legends: Demonblade Tryndamere

How many of my readers are fans of League of Legends?

-Justin Germino

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