Touring the Colosseum

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The Roman Colosseum is truly a sight to behold and it’s stature and presence are indescribable as you walk through the arches and tour the ruins of this once mighty gladiator arena.

To think that the Colosseum was once flooded with water where mock naval battles occurred and entire landscapes were erected to allow for animal hunts on public display is just hard to fathom.

One thing in common I felt as I am sure millions other do is the amazement that civilizations 2000 years old can erect such marvels of architecture.  Buildings that are both tremendous foundations and provide function as well as seem to double as artwork is incredible.

If you are ever thinking about visiting the Colosseum in Rome, Italy I can tell you that the lines get fierce.  The best times to go are very early at open and you can avoid the lines if you join a tour company group as there are separate group entrances that bypass the lines for regular tourists paying their own way into see the Colosseum.

Here are some pictures of our tour:

-Justin Germino

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