Too Hot for Cable Modem?

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I am used to living in hot locations being the fact that I am a resident of Southern Arizona for over 16 years.  I was however not prepared for how few places on the pacific coast have air conditioning.  I mean they all have heaters but there is no A/C and though opening the windows and letting a beach breeze come in is nice the temperature still can reach 82-85 degrees inside a home where it feels like an oven when cooped up inside working.

Well, I think my cable modem overheated last week while working in this condition as it became so hot it literally felt like it was burning my skin to the touch.  I had to unplug the device and put it in front of a fan to cool it off for a bit before I tried it again.

The connection was intermittent and the online light solid, my laptops all got pretty toasty as well.  Fortunately the iPad always seems to run cool no matter what temp it is in the house.

I may need some type of cooler when I work out of CA, the fans don’t seem to do well enough to combat the heat build up that occurs inside the bedroom I use as an office.  Unless of course the cable modem is faulty and defective and just overheat on it’s own.  It could be fluke, because it gets to be like 81 inside my 2nd floor office in AZ as well because even with my A/C running it can’t fight against the rising heat.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: October 16, 2011 — 4:10 pm