The Three Minute Nap

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My three year old has perfected the three minute nap and I am totally jealous.  The other night we were driving home from Olive Garden at about six in the evening, and he hadn’t had a nap all day.  He starts nodding off in the car and I keep abruptly waking him to say wait until we get home to fall asleep.  I forget to challenge him and he manages to nod off for about three minutes, so we get home and he is still tired and groggy.  I change him for bed, brush his teeth but by the time I insert his feet into the bed he has popped back up like it was morning and he had a full nights rest.

Three hours go by and he has no signs of being tired or fatigued, in fact he is more hyper than he was at ten in the morning.  A three minute nap and he mine as well be the worlds fastest rechargeable human battery.  It took six attempts to get him to go to bed with constantly walking him back into his room.  Meanwhile I myself need to learn this little trick, imagine if all we had to do was take a 3 minute nap three or four times a day and have that much energy.  I swear I used to drink four red bulls a day and never saw that kind of rush.

I have been trying to perfect napping for a while, on rare occasions I can plop down on the sofa on the weekend and fall asleep for 10-15 minutes (that is about as much alone time I can get without the kids waking me for something that they need) and I feel fairly refreshed.  Most of the time I nap and feel worse and more tired when waking up and regretting that I tried to nap in the first place.   I want a sleeping chamber that can amplify the benefits of napping, like beam recharging waves into your brain and body.  You sleep in the chamber for 5 minutes and gain the benefit of 5 hours of sleep.  That is what science should be focusing on.

-Justin Germino

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