The Great Cookie Thief

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You are looking at the great cookie rogue, aka. Porky the Boston Terrier.

Porky our Boston Terrier was a bad dog on Christmas Eve and this is a pretty funny story. My kids and their mom had worked on making raspberry filled sugar cookies during the day and all but six were given to my in-laws as a treat. The six that were left behind were put on a Christmas plate and supposed to be left out for Santa on the ottoman near the Christmas Tree and couch. So the kids put the cookies out on the ottoman and we went to tuck them into bed to say goodnight.

By the time my wife and I arrived downstairs after just tucking in the kids, the plate was overturned on the floor and not a cookie was left in site. A black and white boston terrier stood there with a sheepish “Oh, SH!T I’m in trouble look on his face” and we couldn’t help but laugh more than be upset. The dog in the span of a few minutes consumed every cookie on the plate and enjoyed it immensely. Meanwhile I never did get to eat those cookies I was hoping to have that night. (Good thing I had two of them earlier in the day, or I wouldn’t have even known what they taste like).

-Justin Germino

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