The 2009 Christmas Morning at Dragon Bloggers

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IMG_0001Merry Christmas to all my family and friends, this includes the hundreds of new friends I have met over Twitter, SocialSpark, Facebook and the plethora of other Social Networks I now belong to.  I can tell you that an early morning began with the kids waking us up bright and early, we waited to open presents until Grandma and Grandpa arrived.  Yes, we wait until they drive over so they can join the festivities of opening gifts and watching the kids unwrap Santa’s presents.  They are such dedicated grandparents waking up at 6:30am to come over and join us for Christmas and the kids could not have asked for more dedicated and loving grandparents.

My wife had the brilliant idea of ordering some breakfast platters from Fry’s Marketplace so there would be no fuss making breakfast on Christmas Morning, we would all just snack on the platters after tearing into our gifts.  I myself am video taping the whole thing on my JVC Everio camcorder that I received two years ago for Christmas.  The kids won’t be disappointed this year and though we spent less overall on Christmas this year due to a tighter holiday budget, the kids won’t know the difference and neither will we.

So the whole day will be spent with me assembling and partaking in the joy of toy battles, trying new games and just spending time with my two wonderful sons, wife and in-laws.

-Justin Germino

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