Take Time to Enjoy Life

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I have been working so much lately that I really find it difficult sometimes to just take time to enjoy life. Even while on my vacation in Las Vegas earlier in the week I found myself checking work emails and blogging emails and keeping in touch with whats happening because I have a difficult time unplugging. The gnawing feeling of what may be waiting for me to work on when I get back, or what is happening when I am “unplugged” causes me to almost always be thinking about work even when I am on vacation.

This is something I struggle with because I am one of those people that when I go in “Work Mode” it is hard for me to unplug at the end of the day and shift focus to other topics. I do successfully break my working hours by playing with my kids, enjoying dinner and some alone time with wife or blogging but my wife now considers blogging more like a second job than a hobby due to the amount of time and effort I put into it (and how often I talk about it).

My kids are growing up so fast and I do my best to make sure I unplug each day a little to give them some time, whether it is helping my oldest with his homework or reading to both of the boys every night at bed time. I try to revel in the moments and soak up the memories as they will just be that in a few decades to come which is somewhat sad and depressing.

So my goal and quest is to take time to enjoy life more, and I vow to “unplug” when I go on future vacations so that I can live in the moment more and not divide my time between thinking about all the work I have to come back to while trying to enjoy some relaxation time.

-Justin Germino

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