Synthetic Grass Is Worth The Money

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When we bought our semi custom home three years ago it came with a default choice range of commercial landscaping but we chose to customize and upgrade to better make our house more visually appealing and add some style.

I can personally tell you when we paid to have artificial grass put in our backyard it was worth the money, you don’t ever have to mow it, you just sweep it with a broom and vacuum it with a shop vac and it always stays beautiful looking. My kids play on it every day and it really makes the yard look nicer. For those of you who like to practice golfing at home you can even put in synthetic putting greens which allow you to play and practice anytime without ever having to mow the yard.

I have even seen artificial playground turf which is textured and provides varied grass sizes for different sports. I have seen some people have really nicely manicured backyards with taller grass on the outskirts and shorter grass in the middle it provides a quite realistic look.

I have real grass in the front yard and I always have to maintain this small patch mowing it weekly, it dies every six months, but my artificial turf in the yard is three years old and looks as good as new when I vacuum it and brush it. I live in Arizona so even the one hundred and fifteen degree summers don’t fade or damage my artificial turf, though it does get very hot in the summer time and you can’t step on it with bare feet.

I would recommend Artificial Turf to anyone hands down and even some friends and coworkers have bought it for their homes after seeing it in my own, I have been to Las Vegas recently and many of the hotels are using Synthetic Grass now on their properties.

EasyTurf’s website is easy to use and allows you to find a local showcase in your area.  They have a nice photo gallery, FAQ and information about artificial turf and links to any type of product that you are looking for.  I encourage you to check it out and inquire within.

-Justin Germino

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