Switching Grade School for My Oldest Son

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My wife and I were just unhappy with the public school in our area and have decided to pull our child and enroll him in Legacy Charter Schools instead in Casa Grande.  This charter school has an impressive dedication to academics and allowed us to tour the school, see each of the first grade teachers and talk with the principal for almost an hour.  We like that they have uniforms, and they have a much more efficient and safe parent drop off and pick up system.  But most importantly they believe in challenging children academically and set the bar higher than the bare minimum for a first grade curriculum.

In his current public school, the entire school had done away with homework for first graders which is appalling, at least he will have an expected homework regimen and be required to have read 30 books by the end of the year.  It is always scary making such big decisions for your children, and I hope we are making the right one as we just want our child to have the best education and school experience possible.  He is a very smart boy and was just not challenged in his former school and his teachers and the school itself had a “don’t care” attitude seeming to have no interest in whether students succeed or fail.

-Justin Germino

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