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I have always enjoyed being in a support role in information technology and one of the things I enjoy best about the role is being able to help customers and users figure out and resolve problems. This carries into my personal life even when not working for my day job. An example of this is when somebody had some wordpress issues last Sunday and was in need of help and reached out to me over Twitter to see if I was available. I promptly assisted and even called someone on the phone whom I had only known and conversed with over Twitter previously and helped them figure out and resolve their WordPress configuration issue.

The person just happen to catch me at the right place and right time, I am not normally in front of my computer on a Sunday until night time, and I just happened to be checking emails and doing some quick twitter updates, but I was glad to be available and to assist. It turns out that my experience with working on WordPress over the past two years has made me knowledgeable enough that I can walk through issues fairly quickly and I was happy to have found and helped the person resolve the problem.

This support mentality is one that I have had for a long time, the being able to help and assist is one of my favorite activities. The fact that I can make a decent living at it at my day job only furthers my enjoyment of the role. I do wish that more people had an attitude to be as helpful as possible in their nature, it would be a much kinder and gentler place in the world.

-Justin Germino

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